His projects connect the cults and rites of natives with modern theatrical expression. For Thomas Riccio all of his travels and theatre work in the remote parts of the world have something in common. What he calls “Hubs of Memory”. There is something that links his work with the Eskimos and his play here in Frankfurt. Something between the Elvis cult in Cleveland and the tribal performance of Zambia. It is not a reduction but rather a split identity that has developed between the old and new expressions, but they are all still, at their core, rites and idolatry trying to influence and make sense of our everyday life experience.

Märkische Oder-Zeitung, Frankfurt

Dead White Zombies is one of the most interesting theater companies in North Texas, offering immersive experiences and so-out-there-it’s-cool scripts by Thomas Riccio. Will you be talking about it for days afterwards? Definitely.


Riccio has proved to be a brilliant administrator. He has built a strong foundation beneath the Organic without transforming the theatre into an institution that discourages innovation and risk. Considering the scope of his ambition, this is amazing.

Chicago Magazine

Perhaps the most astonishing thing about Emandulo is that is was devised and directed by an American, Thomas Riccio, on his first visit to South Africa. NAPAC is to be saluted for bringing someone of Riccio's caliber and commitment to South Africa. I recommend you drop you defenses and let yourself have an extraordinary experience.

The Natal Witness, South Africa